See your closet with new eyes.


As your personal stylist, I'll listen to your desires and dilemmas. You'll get my personalized “Style Prescription" containing specific recommendations tailored just for you to define and meet your goals.

The 5 Step Style Prescription - $899

  • Step 1 Invite me to your home where I'll listen attentively to your needs and ideas and then I put together a plan of action. I determine your body shape and identify what silhouettes, colors and textures flatter your figure to bring out your best look. 
  • Step 2   The Closet Edit - We'll look at your closet, dresser, and accessories. You'll see every item with new eyes - eyes for your personal style. You'll see what works and what doesn't.
  • Step 3   We establish your "uniform" -  We'll develop a style template you can rely on every day, mixing and matching for fresh outfits for work and play.
  • Step 4   Keep, Mend, Consign, Donate  - Clothes with tags on them? Broken zippers in those slacks you love? We separate the good, the bad and the ugly. I help you clear and organize so you'll be dressing better right away. After our meeting, you'll be able to put new outfits together with some of your current clothes and a plan for next steps.
  • Step 5  Personal Shopper -  Now, with my Style Prescription in-hand you won't be nervous about shopping anymore. I partner with the best stores in Portland to give you the best results possible. On a separate day, we'll make a date to meet at stores. Before you get there I'll fill the dressing room with your targeted items and stay with you until we've met your goals.  Clients that shop with me walk away with items and resources they've been longing for.  After our sessions are finished, I'll be just a phone call away and be a resource for you for the rest of the year.